rant on!

kriste on a stick was this place evar awful! shoe was rolling thru the hachioji, an wanted to make the most of the opportunity by checking out kyushu ramen sakurajima. immediately upon entering, shoe knew he was in for something bad. sakurajima is one o those forlorn joints that have greasy ole salarymen, grubby ole laborers an grotty ole otaku rolling through every ten seconds for quick shot o grease and a long pull on a ciggie.

it got worse from there. the crummy recommended ramen was facking miso! the place says KYUSHU out the front, buggers! wtf? so shoe, perplexed, thought why not, plugged the machine an got his tix. slumped down next to some lonely soul sucking down a mild seven an slurpin on a kirin. some ancient dragons were slapping some gyouza round while a skinny listless booger fought with a mountain of moyashi.

the bowl came. look at that pic, that weak ass shite. here's how to make your own version of it at home. take some boiling hot water, throw some uncooked spaghetti in the bottom, then throw a double scoop o crunchy peanut butter on top. cover generously with salt, and dont forget the sprouts! make sure theyre extra watery kids, you don't want the flavor of the soup getting in the way.

man, shoe did something he hadnt done in a loong time; he tried to tank the bowl. tanking a bowl happens when ya start applying all the various sauces, oils and spices at yer disposal to change the flavor. shoe tanked the hell outta this bowl. the result? an order of gyouza to get some passable food.

three grotty armpits for sakurajima. boo!

middle o the road.

a little lunchin' in the chofu brings us homey soramame. on a wee back street, shoe munched on some real bland ramen. not bad, but not good either. mumf.

here's da shio version, tasted like moyashi all the way down..

shoe's gonna give this three pairs of beige kakhis...

daruma no me

a repeat, in the akihabara. smoove jazz contrasts wit the guys in the back yelping 'welcome!' 'one order up!' 'OK!' ' an all that..

obvious ranking for dis one..


shoe took a wee trip to nakano to knock off another joint. enter the ookuraya, on the strip.

nice, thick tonkotsu base, and that sweet chashew that is just a wee bit burnt on the outside. the always pop'lar half boiled egg done right, an' a cheeky free glass o beer for lunch.. careful when getting down to the end of the bowl, as the free-range onions may cause undue mephitic lurk.

shoe has lately been on a futo-men trip. choosing the thickness of the noodle is an important factor in how a bowl goes down, and shoe wants to see how the other half lives, for a while.

anyhoo, three rocks for rock solid ookuraya

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